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Milos Raonic is born in 27th  December 1990 who is a professional Canadian Tennis player of Montenegrin origin who is skilled and amazing player in the tennis section. Raonic is ranked world no 6 in 2010  by the Association of Tennis Professionals ATP (atp) in the World Ranking section. Raonic also ranked in top 10 best  player in the ATP singles ranking who is the first Canadian to be in that rank, Raonic achieved great success in the tennis and  he has won many singles matches and then ranked one of the top player in the world. Raonic is hard working person and train hours in the tennis court every day. Raonic is also enjoyable and fun person and outdoor person, Raonic is tall and his height is about 6 feet 5 inch and is a right handed player with great stamina and accuracy.

  • Height:

    196 cm

  • Date of Birth:


  • Married To:

    Not Yet

  • Social Media

Raonic (bio) just turned 24 years old (age) and has won 6 career single titles, Raonic is originally from Montreal Canada, Monaco and Raonic private relationship stats is still not shared publicly and hidden from publicity. Raonic played in the Cadian team playing double aginst different teams and proved that he has a great skill. Simon has millions of followers mostly girls since he is a tall skilled player, hot man with manly looks, Raonic has tons of followers in twitter, Raonic uses twitter for the most of his time and shares his daily work and daily photo as what he does and how he use the time. Raonic also shares he’s progress in the social media and always keeps track of time. Simon achievement also appeared different in tv shows with interview, Raonic is famous throughout the world as a great tennis player. Raonic always had a passion toward tennis and achieved it, Raonic is at present is targeting to achieve the worlds title as a world champion.

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