For those who have watched the Fast and Furious series, Sung Kang needs no introduction. Portraying the role of Han, he has won many hearts of the movie franchise. But do you know about the one who stole his heart?

Let's read the bio of Kang now, and I'll connect his bio to that of his girlfriend (now wife), Miki Yim. Born in Gainsville (US) on 8th April 1972, Kang was born to a family of South Korean immigrants. As he had a major interest in acting, he moved to Los Angeles once he was capable. He joined F.A.T.E. (Friends Artist Theater Ensemble), a theater group based in LA that liked to experiment. His stint with the cinema world was through small roles in movies, and his first major role was through the film Better Luck Tomorrow in 2002. Interestingly, his character in this film was also titled Han, the same as the one in the Fast and Furious franchise. His 2nd flick was The Motel, where he played the role of Sam Kim. It was only after acting minor roles that he got into the Fast and Furious movies in the role of Han. It was at this point in his life that he started dating Miki Yim.

Kang's relationship to Yim is kept very low profiled, and we don't know much about this. The couple has been very discreet about their relationship, and the media can only speculate at best what is happening between these two. It is known however that Kang used to date actress Doan Ly, but their relationship ended in a breakup citing differences.

When Kang met Yim, she wasn't famous at all. Her fame slowly picked up pace after Kang's success in the Fast and Furious series came one after another movie. She soon became a celebrity. Despite Kang wanting to cover up the whole relationship with Yim, the media soon found out that both of them were engaged. It so happened that Kang had a ring in his hand, a sign of matrimony. This news was finally said to be false. Finally, Yim became Kang's wife after they got married on 2014 in the month of July. It comes as a surprise to many, but the couple had been dating for about 12 years, which is a pretty long time to wait for getting married.

Both Kang and Yim are often seen together in a fusion restaurant in Los Angeles, named Saketini. Many believe that Yim was the one to suggest that the restaurant be named Saketini. Kang is over 43 years now, but we have no idea about the age of Yim. As of now, their marriage is going very smooth and there are no reports of any disputes between the two of them. They also have no children as of now, but who knows what the future has in store for them.

There are often pictures of them together, and when the news about their possible engagement was out on Twitter and Facebook, the internet was ablaze. Kang doesn't talk about his wife, so it's hard to guess what is happening in the lives of these two. Yim doesn't have any social site account on Facebook or Instagram, and that makes us guess harder all the time.



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