Mike Nichols a  popular director, comedian, actor and producer was born on 6 November 1931 in Berlin, Germany. He has directed movies like Teach me, The Graduate, Carnal Knowledge, Silkwood, The Day of The Dolphin, The Fortune, Gilda Live, Wolf, Closer, Angels in America, Charlie Wilson's War. He has been awarded with Academy Awards in the year 1968 for the film The Grduate likewise he has been awarded with some of the popular awards like Emmy Awards, Tony Awards, Golden Globe Awards, AFI Awards and Grammy Awards.

He had a great interest in Arabian horses and had also a big horse breed farm in Connecticut. He bought horses outside USA and sold them at very high rocking prices. He was hardworking and highly talented persistent person.

Regarding his personal life he is married to Patricia Scott for few years than Margot Callas for a decade having a child with her, Annabel Davis for a decade having two children and Diane Sawyer till his death. This talented and strong will man died in the 19 November 2014 due to heart attack. 

  • Germany, American
  • 1931-11-06
  • Film director
  • Yes
  • $20 Million Dollars
  • Max Nichols, Jenny Nichols, Daisy Nichols
  • White
  • Diane Sawyer
  • AFI Life Achievement
  • /wiki/Mike_Nichols
  • Yes(Thrice)
  • 2014-11-19

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