Michelle Pugh is a hair stylist who is widely known for being the hairdresser of the celebrities. She started to work as an assistant at Sally Hershberger and John Frieda Salon in 2001. She has got multiple of celebrities clients and her work can also be seen on Pretty little Liers, Girls and much more.

Pugh is the one who was accused in May of 2016 of being a woman Ozzy allegedly cheated on his wife with. After knowing that Ozzy had been cheating his wife, Sharon, his wife kicked out him of the mansion that he shares with his wife. Her boyfriend Ozzy is a popular English singer, songwriter as well as a TV personality.

Michelle Pugh had her big break when she colored the hair of Jennifer Lopez on the set of the Gucci campaign. At present, she is working at Beverly Hills Salon, Meche. She has now reached at the age of 45. Despite, that, he has still managed to look beautiful, charming and attractive. Apart from that, Pugh herself wanted to become a rockstar herself.

According to the Sun, she moved to Los Angeles when she was just 18 years old for attending the music school. Her dream was to become a musician. 

Later, Pugh discovered her passion her fashion as well as beauty. She then entered into the hairdressing and coloring field when she was in the early 30s. After that, she became an unstoppable force beloved by the celebrities such as JLo, because of her talents as the top hair stylist in Los Angeles.

She had once stated that her hair styling inspiration comes from the 80s hair metal stars like Nicki Sixx from Motley Crue. As Pugh has maintained her profile low, there are no more details found about her bio. But, as she is active in various social media, she can get connected through Twitter and Instagram. 


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