Michelle Phan is a popular face with make-up tutorials and instruction on the YouTube channel. Michelle Phan transformation videos have gained much popularity than other videos in her channel. She is a very hard working lady who with her income handles the expenses of her family.

Michelle and her family went through many difficult situations before she came into the spotlight. Now she has the 9 million subscribers on her YouTube channel where she is very much appreciated and loved. She also has her blog on her name where she shared beauty tips, quotes, job hunting guidelines, arts and crafts ideas too and much more.

Struggle story of Michelle Phan and her family and boyfriend

Michelle Phan was born on 11 April 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts, US. She belongs to Vietnamese background which was one of the main reasons she suffered raging in her school time. She attended Tampa Bay Technical High School as her family along with her older brother and younger sister moved to Florida.  The other problem she faced in her early life was financial instability.

Her father the bad passion for gambling made the family move in various places. The whole family went faced huge trouble due to this issue.  Then eventually her father left the family and never came back. In order to continue her family livelihood, she worked as a waitress. She later got enrolled in Ringling College of Art and Design. She completed her honorary doctorate of Arts degree in March 2014.

Michelle Phan is in a relationship with Dominique Capraro. This couple has been dating for a long time. They are going stronger than ever did.  They first met on Valentine's Day in Parisian Café in the year 2011. Boyfriend Dominique was a runner-up in Mr. Switzerland and also a model.

Michelle Phan's struggle from a blogger to a YouTube makeup star

It is said that Michelle Phan wasn’t allowed to use make-up until she reached her high-school but she was very much passionate about make-up, hair, and arts. She started her blog in the year 2005 where she has presented the wide variety of beauty tips, latest fashion trend, DIY ideas and much more.  Before being on YouTube she used to post her videos on Xanga as Ricebunny then later she opened her YouTube in May of 2007.

Michelle Phan's Buzzfeed featured Barbie Transformation, Lady Gaga Bad Romance Look, Lady Gaga Poker Face Tutorial and Zombie Barbie has the highest number of views. These videos made her viral which brought her tons of fan followers. As her popularity grew she was featured as a make-up artist by Lancome in 2010 that made her the first ever Vietnamese representative of Lancome.

Michelle Phan has reached the height of success where she has high net worth and salary. And yes do you know about her plastic surgery?

Michelle Phan has built her image from a waiter to a young entrepreneur with her hard work.  Now she is in the verse where she can give her family everything they want. According to The Richest, her net worth is $3 Million. She also has done plastic surgery where she has made her lips thinner.

There was a monthly beauty based subscription service launched by Michelle and her partner in 2012 which was later renamed as "ipsy", the donator of 'Generation Beauty'. Generation Beauty is a beauty conference where she makes her contribution. Later, got the offer of launching new cosmetic line through L'Oreal named em by Michelle Phan.

Michelle Phan is also a partner to Cutting Edge which launched Shift Music Group. She has also launched a book named "Make-up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style and Success" in October 2014.


  • American
  • 5.1 inch
  • Entrepreneur, Make-up artist
  • $3 Million
  • YouTube Channel

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