Michelle Malkin is one famous author, political commentator, and conservative blogger of American descent. She was born in the year 1970, 20th October, which makes her age 45. Her weekly column appears in numerous newspaper and news websites. She also has been a Fox News contributor and also has appeared as a guest in the MSNBC, C-SPAN, and some national radio programs. She has written a total of four books which has been published by Regnery Publishing. She is also the founder of Hot Air and Twitchy, two conservative websites. Her bio includes the following details. 

She was born in the city of Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. Her father’s name is Apolo DeCastro and her mother’s name is Rafaela who was a homemaker and a teacher. Some months before she was born, her parents had immigrated to Unites States in an employment visa. After her father completed his medical trainings, the whole family moved to Absecon at New Jersey. She also has a younger sibling. She said that her parents were not politically active and her parents were something like Ronald Reagan Republicans.

She is a Roman Catholic and she went to Holy Spirit Roman Catholic High School; she used to edit the school newspaper and had a dream to become a pianist. After her graduation, in the year 1988, she got admitted to the Oberlin College. She had been planning to pursue a bachelor degree in music but she changed her major to English. She worked as a press inserter and network new librarian when she was in college. Her first article for some paper had heavily criticized the affirmative action which evidently received a huge negative response from other students. She graduated in the year 1992.

She dated Jesse Malkin when she was at college. He had been granted Rhodes scholarship at the Oxford University in the year 1991. They got married in the year 1993 and the couple is blessed with two children. Jesse worked as associate policy analyst as well as an economist for the RAND Corporation. In the year 2004, MAlkin reported that her husband had a lucrative health care consulting job to stay at home as a father.

She once gave lecture in the Oberlin College in the topic of racism in the year 2006. She also denied allegation that she had become insensitive to the plight of minorities using epithets that had been used against her and also by relating the lessons learned from her mom. When she was in kindergarten, she went home crying because her classmates had called her a racist name but her mother comforted her by telling her that everyone in this world had prejudices.

She along with her family lived in the city of North Bethesda situated at Maryland till the year 2008 and they moved out to Colorado Springs.   She has written six books till date. The name of her first book was “Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and other Foreign menaces” in the year 2002. She can be followed by her fans in twitter, instagram and other social sites.



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