Michelle Fairley is an actress from the Northern Ireland who was born in the year 1963 in the month of January. She is best known for her role as Catelyn Stark in the famous television series named Game of Thrones which is an adaptation of the famous novel written by George R.R. Martin, “The Song of Ice and Fire”. She also is known for her role as Dr. Ava HEssington in some of the episodes of USA Network series named Suites. She is also known for her role as a terrorist Margot Al-Harazi in the series named 24: Live another day. She is 53 years of age at present. Her bio includes the following details. 

She was born in the Coleraine which is situated in the Northern Ireland. Her father’s name is Brian and her mother’s name is Theresa and both of them were famous publicans at that time. She went to Roman Catholic Grammar School. She became a member of the Ulster Youth Theater when she was a teenager and she moved out to the Belfast and honed her acting skills with the help of repertory company Fringe benefits along with fellow alumnus o of the club at the Conleth Hills.

She appeared in numerous British television shows which include The Bill, Casualty, Holby City and so on. She also acted as Cathy Michaels in the ITV’s Inspector Morsein in the episode named “The Way Through The Woods.” She also appeared as nancy Phelan in the series named Lovejoy in the 9th episode whose name was “Smoke Your Nose” in the third season.

She also overtook the role of Mrs. Granger from Heather Bleasdale who used to play Mrs. Granger in the Chamber of Secrets in the Harry Potter and the Deathly hallows movie. In the year 2010, in the month of March, it was publicly announced that she would be playing the role of Catelyn Stark in the series Game of Thrones where she would be replacing Jennifer Ehle who played the same character in the original pilot episode. In the year 2013, 4th of June, it was confirmed that she had joined the cast of the USA network series named Suits in its third season. She plays the recurring role of Ava Hessington.

Her character in the series Game of Thrones is long dead. She along with her son and her daughter in law gets killed at a marriage ceremony. From among the Stark family, her husband, Eddard Stark dies in the first season through the hands of King Joffrey in the series and she gets killed in the third season. The only ones remaining from the Stark family is her daughters, Sansa Stark and Arya Stark. Jon Snow dies in the 5th season finale. 

It is a matter of surprise that she has not been married yet; so, she does not have a husband. She is 5 feet and 5 inches in height and weighs 58 kilograms. She seems to be a user of social networks like twitter and facebook, she has over a thousand followers in her account in twitter.



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