Michael Symon is a very famously known American Chef who has won the award in the James Beard Foundation. She is also known as a Restaurateur and a television personality plus an author. He is born in the year 1969 on the month of 19th September. He is more often seen on the food Network on shows such called as the Iron chef of America which is a very famous and watched show in the state. Coming to his bio and other information, he is born in Cleveland which is located in Ohio and recently he turned age 45. He is a well educated person in the Institute of America of Culinary and has a great life.

He was brought up in the North Olmsted located in Ohio and going to St. Richard School in North Olmsted and St. Edward Secondary School in Lakewood so later graduating in the year 1987. He took low maintenance work at Gepetto's Ribs on Warren Rd as a cook which is a very famous restaurant then he moved on from Culinary Foundation of America in Hyde Park to New York in 1990.

As he moved to Piccolo Mondo as gourmet expert, adding to little yet committed after he hence moved to Caxton Bistro. Symon was banded together with Telly, George and also with Dwindle J. Pappas. In spite of the fact that he gave sustenance a 2 stars rating, New York Times nourishment pundit straight to the point which is Bruni noticed that the sound level came topenetrating heights. He was then named a National Rising Star in 1997 by Eatery Cordiality Magazine and he was named one of the Ten Best New Gourmet experts in America by sustenance & Wine magazine.

He has got so many recipes and is a married man to his wife and has a happy family, he has also written books and is a loving son to his parents, he is doing great for himself and becoming and proving a great nationality. 


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