Matteo Renzi is the current Prime Minister of Italy who assumed office from 22nd of February, 2014. He had earlier been the President of the Province of Florence (2004-2009) and the Mayor of Florence (2009-2014). Secretary of the Democratic Party since 15th December 2013, what highlights Renzi's bio perhaps is that he became Italy's youngest Prime Minister to assume office at the age of 39. He is also the first person to ever become the Prime Minister as a Mayor.

A Roman Catholic by religion, Renzi was born on 11th of January 1975, and is 40 years of age. In his schooldays, he was a scout in the Association of Catholic Guides and Scouts of Italy (AGESCI). He graduated with a degree in law from the University of Florence in 1999. He also worked as the sales service coordinator in his family owned marketing firm, CHIL Srl. Around the same time, he was an amateur level football referee and a futsal player.

His marriage to Agnese Landini in 1999 has bore the couple 3 children: Francesco, Emanuele and Ester. His wife is the current First Lady of Italy, who also teaches Italian literature, Latin and history in Florence. The Renzi couple share a common taste in running, reading, classical music and opera. His sister Benedetta was elected as a municipal councillor for the Democratic Party in Castenaso in 2014, and his father was previously a municipal councillor for Christian Democrats in Florence.

Apart from Italian politics, Renzi is also the youngest of the current G7 leaders, and though not formally recognised is the leader of the Party of European Socialists, opposite to Angela Markel's People's Party. In 2014, he was on the list of the Fortune magazine's 3rd most influential person under 40 and Foreign Policy magazine's Top 100 Global Thinkers.

Countless reforms have been implemented since Renzi's tenure as the Prime Minister began on 2014. The most important ones are the changes made to the Italian Senate and electoral system, revisions made to the labor and employment laws for boosting the economy, and abolishment of various small taxes. Apart from constitutional reforms, Renzi has also worked to improve Italy's bilateral relationship with neighbouring European countries, the United States, Asian and African countries; and also to ameliorate situations in the Middle East.

Renzi's public standings among the public in Italy is largely positive. He is also the leader of Renziani : a liberal and modernizing movement within the Democratic Party whose ideologies revolve around Centrism, Third Way and Liberalism. His working principle seems heavily derived from those of British Prime Minister Tony Blair in attempting to mix liberal economics and left-wing social policies; and U.S. President Bill Clinton's progressive left wing ideologies.

Having cited that social networks was the decisive factor in helping him win the leadership election of the Democratic Party, Renzi is an constant user of Twitter where he is followed by over 2 million people. And whether you know it or not, in 1994 Renzi were a contestant in the TV show Wheel of Fortune for five consecutive episodes, and won 48 million lire. 



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