She took a risk so big in order to prove what she believed in, but it backfired. We are talking about Mary Mapes, a news producer and journalist whose career highlights include winning the prestigious Peabody Award and being fired from CBS. This article will mostly deal with Mapes' short bio and more details about why she got fired from CBS.

Mapes grew up in a family that was politically supporters of the Republican party, and she had four other sisters. She didn't have a good relationship with her father since he was alcoholic and abusive due to its influence. After finishing schooling in 1974 from Burlington-Edison High School, Mapes attended University of Washington and graduated in communications and political science. In the 80's she had a job at KIRO-TV based in Seattle, and it was at this place that she met her future husband Mark Wrolstad. Mapes was working as a producer while Wrolstad served as a reporter. It was in 1987 that they decided to get married and become husband and wife.

In 1989, Mapes started working for the CBS in Dallas, Texas. In 1999, she joined the network's program called 60 Minutes Wednesday, assigned to Dan Rather as a producer for the show. It was on this show that her segment about the criticism of military under George W. Bush's administration was aired. Reportedly, the segment was supported by documents provided by Bill Burkett, a Lt. Col. Of the Texas Army National Guard, already retired when the incident happened belonging to the files of Lt. Col. Jerry B Killian, who was Bush's commanding officer at that time. Mapes' fault according to many was her lack of research in every aspect of the segment. In the end, it all crashed down to nothing when Bill Burkett himself admitted that he had lied to Mapes about the documents. This controversy ultimately cost her job.

As stated earlier, Mapes was given the Peabody Award for bringing out the scandal surrounding Abu Gharib torture and prisoner abuse. When she brought out the story of Essie Mae Washington, a biracial daughter of Senator Strom Thurmond who was never acknowledged before, Mapes was praised and well received. It was the same risk taking Mapes who got fired by CBS for being a part of the Killian documents controversy.

RedfortMapes' book published in 2015 called Truth and Duty: The Press, the President, and the Privilege of Power has been adopted into a film named Truth, released in the same year. The rights to the main story had already been given in 2006, but for some reasons it took over 10 years to be produced. The movie stars Cate Blanchett in the role of Mapes, and Robert Redford playing Dan Rather. According to, this movie was “a terrible movie about journalism.” By her own account, Mapes thinks that the movie is so strong in its conviction that she couldn't watch it completely the first time. She says movies have a lot of commonalities with journalism.

Mapes also is a consultant and a writer who has contributed to some issues of 2007 and 2008 to The Nation, a news magazine. Her story based on the 1954 conviction of Tommy Lee Walker by Henry Wade.

Mapes doesn't own a Twitter or Instagram account, but there are many pages or posts on these sites that totally love her book and the movie.



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