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Marty Lagina is a TV personality, engineer and the owner of a wine business. Of Italian descent, Marty was born in Kingsford, Michigan where he has so far spent all of his life. Important information on his bio, such as his place of schooling or college education or the date of birth are so far unavailable. He is one of the casts in a TV reality/adventure show titled The Curse of the Oak Island, as broadcast through the History Channel.

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Marty, his brother Rick, his son Alex and others participate in this show that seeks to solve the mystery of the treasure that is said to be in the Oak Island, a belief that has consumed many explorers in the past with unsuccessful results. After reading January 1965 issue of the Reader's Digest magazine that featured an article about certain Restall family trying to solve the mystery of the Oak Island, the desire to explore this island and hunt for the treasure. The brothers then gained the controlling interest of Oak Island Tours, and were approached by the Prometheus Entertainment in order to create the reality show, for which the Lagina brothers collaborated with Dan and Dave Blankenship, a father-son duo who reside in the Oak Island.

Younger brother to Rick Lagina, another participant on the show with whom Marty does share his elder brother's fascination for the Oak Island but is doubtful about it. Marty's skepticism about the Oak Island's treasure is seen in the way he demands proof of projects before the first treasure hunt that took place in the island in 1795. But still, having made millions of dollars in the energy business, Marty is the one sponsoring the adventure to Oak Islands. Obsessed with the mysterious treasure of the island since his young age, Marty seeks to leave no stones unturned in the course of researching new facts and clues about the island. The show revolves around various methods used by the team to search for the so called treasures on the island, from latest state-of-the-art technology to the best experts available.

Despite being in this show for quite some time now, it has not been disclosed to the public about who Marty's wife is or since when have they been married, neither is it known about whether or not he had previous relationships. It is known however, that Marty's son Alex Lagina, who has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan, also appears on the show along with his father and uncle, and takes care of the wine business.

Marty's ancestry is Italian and his family has had for generation’s ties with the best wine growing area in Italy. It is for this reason that he shares a passion for red wines that hint a nod the best Italian wines. He has a net worth approximated at about $2 million, which may be understood by the fact that he stars in one of the most watched shows on the History channel, has years of experience in the energy and engineering business and own a wine making family business.

Updates about his quest for the treasure may be found through History Channel's social media updates on Facebook or Twitter. 

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