Martin Shkreli who is an American entrepreneur as well as the financial and pharmaceutical executive is also the co-founder of hedge fund MSMB Capital Management. He was also the co-founder as well as the former CEO of biotechnology firm called Retrophin LLC, and he also founded and leads as of December 2015 Turing Pharmaceuticals.

Later in 2011, he filed requests with US Food and Drug Administration for rejecting a new cancer diagnostic device from the Navidea Biopharmaceuticals and an inhalable insulin therapy from the MannKind Corporation while publicly short selling the stocks of both companies.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, United States, Martin came into this world on 2nd April of the year 1983 which has now made him at the age of 32. She belongs to an American nationality. He is the son of Albanian and Croatian immigrants.

Her family members also include his two sisters and a brother. He was grown up in a working class community in Brooklyn. During his time in the school, he skipped several of the grades and then he went to get his education from the New York’s Baruch College and received the degree in business from there in the year 2004. After that, he became a college intern and eventually a clerk at the Cramer, Berkowitz & Co.

After 4 years at the Cramer Berkowitz, he held the job at UBS and at the Intepid Capital Management. Following that, he started his hedge fund known as Elea Capital Management in the year 2006. He also launched MSMB Capital Management which is named after two founding Portfolio Managers named Martin Shkreli and Marek Biestek.

In September of 2015, he was criticized when the Turing Pharmaceuticals obtained manufacturing license for the Daraprim and raised its price by 5455%. Besides that, as he is active in various social media, he can also get connected through the Instagram and Twitter account. 


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