Martha Raddatz is an American reporter for the ABC news. She was born in the year 1953, 14th February which makes her age 63 years at present. She is the Chief Global Affairs Correspondent. She currently reports for the World News Tonight along with David Muir. Her bio includes the following details.

Before the year 1993, she used to be a chief correspondent for the News Boston affiliate at the WCVB TV; and from 1993 till 1998, she covered the Pentagon for the National Public Radio.

She started her work in the ABC news in the year 1999 as the State Department correspondent and later was promoted to the network’s national security correspondent in the year 2003 because of her reporting from Iraq. She had received a tip that a terrorist named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi had been located and killed and which allowed ABC news to be the first news channel to break the news to the world.

In an interview with Dick Cheney which was conducted in Ankara, Turkey during the fifth anniversary of invasion in Iraq, she asked a question about the public opinion polls showing that Americans had stopped believing in war and  astonishingly, Cheney responded to the question by saying “So?”. This remark of him had to bear a lot of criticism.

She also is the author of the book named "The Long Road Home: A Story of War and Family" which was about the war in Iraq at the time of her reporting. The book became the New York Times Best Seller.

She became the main White House correspondent for the network during the end of the tenure of George Bush. In the year 2007 her mobile phone went off at the time of White House press briefing with Tony Snow. The situation turned humorous when her mobile ringed the tome of Chamillionaire;s “Ridin”. The press had a few moments of humor.

She was appointed to her current position in the year 2008. She served as an arbitrator for the Vice-Presidential Debate in the year 2012 between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan. The debate later got parodied in the Saturday Night Live where her role was played by Kate McKinnon.

She was born in the city named Idaho Falls situated ay Idaho. She currently lives in the city of Arlington which is situated in Virginia along with her third husband. She has two children from previous marriages. The names of her daughter and son are Greta Bradlee and Jake Genachowski. The name of her first husband with whom she was married for the first time is Ben Bradlee Jr. who had won a Pulitzer prize  and he works for the Boston Globe.

His father’s name is Benjamin Bradlee who was a former Washington Post executive. The name of her second husband is Julius Genachowski who is the chairman of the U.S. federal Communications Commission under the Obama Administration. Her net worth is estimated to be around 8-10 million USD according to the present statistics. More about her can be found at the official site of CNN and her twitter account which has over 55 thousand followers. 



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