Maria Gabriela Chavez is the daughter of the late Hugo Chavez who was the former Venezuela President. The previous year, Maria was appointed as an alternate ambassador to United Nations apparently holds most of the assets in the accounts in United States as well as Andorra where they aren’t affected by the volatile economy of Venezuela and highly deflationary currency. She has two sisters who are named as Rosa Virginia and Rosines who has a different mother and she does not reside with Maria and Rosa.

Maria has widely been criticized for being the so-called socialite who apparently has the virtually no employment history prior to the UN appointment. In addition to that, she has also been the center of the corruption scandal in the Venezuela in the recent months standing accused of reaping the illicit cash by overpricing the rice import from Argentina.

Her father Hugo died in March of the year 2013 and since then, she has continued living in the La Casona long with her sister who is named as Rosa Virginia. The sisters are very famous for throwing the lavish parties, hosting the private concerts that features the international artists as well as handing out the generous gifts to their friends.

To talk about her personal life biography, Maria has not got married yet. There is also no news whether she has any boyfriend or dating anyone. Apart from that, Maria has now reached at the age of 35. Her neighbors have been complaining of defending the parties. Her net worth is estimated to be around $4.2 billion which make her the richest woman in the Venezuela.

During her lifetime till now, she has frequently denounced the wealthy individuals. To get m0ore info about her bio, we can also view from various sources. Besides that, Maria is also very much active in the different types of social networking sites which also include facebook, Twitter and instagram.


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