Mostly known around the globe for his stand-up comedy, Marc David Maron a.k.a. Marc Maron was born in 27th of September in the year of 1963. Not only a comedian, he is specialized in the field of podcast hosting, writing, and acting.  He was born in the city of New jersey in the United States of America. In the field of comedy, he is best known for performing cringe humor, satire, self depreciation, alternative, black, and observational comedies. He loves to pet, so he has kept three cats and he lives with them in Highland Park, Los Angeles.  He married Kimberly Reiss in the year 1997 and got divorced with this wife in 2001.

He again married Mishna Wolff in the year 2004 and got divorced in the year 2007. On 14th of October, 2013, he announced that he had broker up with his former fiancée, Jessica Sanchez through his episode of podcast. Again on 10th February, 2014, through his episode of podcast, he confirmed that he was dating Moon Zappa but again, on May 1st of the same year he announced that he was no longer dating her. On 2nd of March, 2015 he announced that he was dating Sarah Cain, all of his viewers are eagerly waiting for the day when he would announce that he no longer dates her.    

His father’s name is Barry R. Maron and mother’s name is Toby Maron. His father is a orthopedic surgeon and his mother is a realtor who was involved in real estate business. He was a Jewish. He lived in Wayne, New Jersey till the age of six. Since his father was a surgeon, he had joined U.S. Air Force for two years for medical support in Alaska as a result, the whole family had to shift. Marc dwelled at Albuquerque from third grade in high school. He graduated from Highland High School in the year and in 1986 he graduated from Boston University with Bachelors in Arts (B.A.) in English literature.   

The bio of the hot and handsome Marc does not end here; talking about his carrier, the first time he did a stand-up comedy was in 1987 at the age of 24 at “The Comedy Store” in Los Angeles; he was then selected to be the associate of Sam Kinison, a classic and retro stand-up comedian. He continued his carrier as a standup comedian and started appearing on the television shows. His voices were used in the episodes of Dr. Katz and he also got a chance to host “Short attention Span Theatre”. No wonder he was a great comedian, so he got a chance to record half an hour special programs in HBO and comedy central.  

The first time he got featured in a film was in a small role in the movie, “Almost Famous” released in the year 2000. Not only in live performances, he has performed in radio events as well. He co-hosted Morning Sedition from the year 2004, since its establishment. In the year of 2006, 28th of February, he started hosting a night time program with Jim Earl as a helping hand for KTLK Progressive talk. He also has appeared in some episode of the series, “Girls”. Since he is a writer as well, he has published two books, “The Jerusalem Syndrome: My life as a reluctant Messiah” in 2001 and “Attempting Normal” in 2014. He has got 514 thousand followers in his twitter account and he seems to be tweeting every hour. He does not seem to be using much of his instagram account.   


  • American
  • 180 cm
  • 1963-09-27
  • Stand-up comedian
  • Not Now
  • $500 Thousand Dollars
  • N/A
  • White
  • Kimberly Reiss(div), Mishna Wolff(div)
  • Maron
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  • Not Disclosed
  • Yes(Twice)


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