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So the oldest daughter of the Obama family is ready to take on college education. Apparently, the parents aren't pleased about it. Read about why, as well as a short bio on Malia Obama. Who in the world doesn't know about Barack Obama? But very less information is available on the internet about his daughters. This might be because of the fact that the Obamas have been protective of their children, since many times media and paparazzi can get out of hand.

Born on 4th of July 1998 in Illinois, Malia is currently 17 years old. Her zodiac sign is cancer. Her father's victory in the Presidential Elections defeating Mitt Romney quickly escalated her fame has the eldest daughter in the present First Family of the United States. There was a letter written by her father to her and her sister in the Parade magazine that encouraged the sisters to live their dreams. Before her father became the President and the family moved to White House, Malia spent her time playing soccer and tennis, dancing, and learning the piano. The Obamas lived in Chicago before they moved into the White House. In Washington D.C., Malia attended Sidwell Friends School, which incidentally was attended by Tricia Nixon Cox, eldest daughter of the former President Richard M. Nixon.

As the news is out, Malia has sort of rebelled with her decision to join one of the biggest universities in the US, Harvard University. As announced by the White House, she has planned to take a year gap, and will join the prestigious institute in 2017. She will graduate in 2021 if things go as planned. The President then went on to announce that his family will be staying in Washington two years after the end of his presidency to allow Sasha, his younger daughter, finish high school. So far, no President's child has decided upon college while their parent is still occupied as a president, so this fact also makes Malia's choice a unique one.

Malia's choice when it comes to fashion and music is also what has caught the attention of famous fashion magazine. Vogue's website, for example, has an article recently posted showing how the dressing style of Malia has evolved over the time, and also some facts about her that many of us haven't known till date. Last summer, Malia was an intern for the show Girls, and her job was to do coffee errands and control the crowds. While her father was visiting Cuba, she translated English into Spanish and back to help him. She is also supportive of her younger sister Sasha, and the two are spotted together in presidential events. She is equally comfortable wearing a $20,000 gown as well as a high-street dress costing only $28. She loves listening to the latest hip-hop music and attended the Lollapalooza festival in 2014 with her friends.

Malia did appear in an interview once with her family, but her parents later said that it was regrettable to allow their children to be on it. Maybe they just wanted to keep their children away from media exposure. Malia's Twitter or Instagram account doesn't seem to exist since the ones that are there on the internet seem fake. We also don't know who her boyfriend is at the moment, or who is she dating.

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