Lucy Hill is a blonde lady who has suffered terrible injuries in a crash. She arrived to the Bangkok for starting her trip in lifetime just six days before the car collided with her moped. She has now reached at the age of 21 and she is the native of Bury. She has now been fighting for her life at the Thai Hospital after she got injured in a horrific road accident. Her family as well as friends has made desperate international appeal for helping to find the rare blood which she needs after she suffered from the broken pelvis and brain hemorrhage.

After the accident, Lucy was rushed to the Rajavej Chiang Mai Hospital and since that time, she have had three blood transfusions as well as being fitted with the titanium plates in her pelvis. She urgently needs more transfusions after suffering from the anaemia after the surgery. But there is a shortage of A Negative blood in Thailand. The doctors had said that fewer than one percent of the Thai people have negative blood types. So, because of that, her friends and family members have launched the social media campaign for trying as well as finding the Western travellers or the ex-pats who may have same blood types related to Hill.

She went to get her education from the Leeds Beckett University and got graduated from there. She was at the start of her gap years travelling through Thailand, Australia, Vietnam as well as Cambodia. She has studied PE and she hopes to become a teacher one day. She has worked in the TGI Fridays in Prestwich for eight months for saving the funds as well as to set off for her dream trip on 3rd January. It has been understood that she was not insured for her trip and her family are receiving the assistance from British Consulate in Thailand. Besides that, for more info about her bio, she is very active user of Instagram and twitter. 

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