British politician Lucy Allan (full name Lucy Elizabeth Allan) was born in Worcestershire, U.K on the 2nd of October, 1964. Affiliated to the Conservative Party, she is the Member of Parliament for Telford, as well as a social and family rights campaigner working to improve and secure the lives of Telford's residents with regards to health, transportation, communication, employment and ecology.


Daughter of a farmer and a teacher, Allan studied at Durham University and Kingston Law School holding a degree in Anthropology and a masters degree in employment law. She began her professional career by joining PricewaterhouseCoopers in 1987 as a trainee. In 1994 she served as a Chartered Secretary in the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and working at the director level in the field of Investment Management in 1994. Establishing Workplace Law Ltd. in 2004 to cater to advocacy and advisory needs of workers, and in 2009 was the Non Executive Director of Wandsworth National Health Service, England where she has also served as an employment tribunal panellist.


A controversy arose in 2011 regarding Allan's visit to her doctor with sysmptoms of depression led the Wandsworth Council launching a child protection investigation fearing any possible risk to Allan's 10 year old son. Allan subsequently quit her involvement with the council and stepped down from her directorship with the NHS. Soon, this event and her own family experience led to the founding of Family First Group that works to reduce the number of children in state care, to improve U.K.'s child protection system and to support families facing child-care related problem. Apart from other mediums, this group makes active use of social media to make the public aware of the shortcomings of the UK child protection system and thereby influencing policy making on this regard.


A media campaign on child protection injustice initiated by Allen headlined the news in 2012, starting with her appearance on ITV's This Morning, and ensuant coverage of her campaign by Woman's Hour on BBC Radio 4, Mail on Sunday, The Times and The London Evening Standard. Using the media coverage to aide the political profile of Family First Campaign, she worked with fellow Ministers, charities and affected families to identify and rectify the inefficiency of the child protection system. A documentary on the subject titled Exposure: Don't take my child also had Allen participating in it.


Not new to controversy, Allen had to apologise recently this December, 2015 for allegedly doctoring an email sent to her to end with the phrase “unless you die”, instead of the original phrase “think about it, okay”. Once the original email surfaced, Allen deactivated her facebook and twitter, later confessing to have compiled the email from various senders and edited them to create a “misleading impression.” The same month saw her accused of bullying her staff and leaving voicemail to an ill worker.


Rachel Allen lives in Wandsworth with her husband, a stockbroker by profession and with whom she has a son.


Till 2012, Allan served as a local councillor to Wandsworth Council in London where she had been elected in 2006, thereby beginning her career in politics. She was selected as the Conservative Party's parliamentary candidate for Telford in the 2015 General Elections. Her goals and plans include reduction in youth unemployment and linking London to the town through a direct railway service.



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