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Lucita Sandoval who is a teacher from Argentina was suspended for an alleged assignation with underage student. The video was secretly recorded by a male while having sex with her. It was then uploaded to Whatsapp. According to the Daily Mail report, the sex tape of Lucita got appeared on the porn website. Then the school officials issued Lucita a suspension pending the full investigation.

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In the video, the teenage boy is seen in the bed smiling as well as giving a thumbs-up sign. The tape is of 23 minutes in which the face of the woman was believed to be Lucita Sandoval. The woman later knew that the boy was secretly filming her in his cell phone but the guy assured that he would delete the video. Soon after that, the video of them, was on adult site. The 26 years old Lucita is now facing the disciplinary action from the authorities.

The sex tape of her affair with her 16 years old student was posted online. The video went viral after the video allegedly showed that 26 years old woman having sex with underage student from her own school in city of the Santiago del Estero. The story about this vastly spread throughout the Latin America and it picked up more steam when the English wire services reported about it.

But the woman in video is not a teacher and the man in the video is a college student not a high school boy whereas the video appears to be real from the porn website which was posted in the month of September. The woman who appears in the video is from Corrientes which is the different Argentine city. She was identified by one of her friend. It was also reported that the woman who is in the video has a teaching degree but she was never employed at any school. The report is also false that Lucita has faced disciplinary hearings several times over the inappropriate relationships with the pupils. 

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