Lucious Lyon is a fictional character which is extracted from the American Musical Drama named Empire which gets broadcasted on Fox television. This character at present is being portrayed by Terrence Howard which is the real name of the character.

The character is the central and protagonist character in the series. This series was created by Lee Daniels and Danny Strong. The character is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer at the Empire Entertainment which is a famous company which he runs along with his family.

He, unfortunately, gets diagnosed with ALS and thinking that he will be needing a successor, he pits his three sons, one, with a college degree and an educated executive whose name is Andre Lyon, second, a talented singer and songwriter Jamal and the last one young rapper whose name is Hakeem, against each other.

The story actually reminds the viewers of the Brilliant creation of William Shakespeare’s King Lear and The Lion of Winter as created by James Goldman.

The company prepares to go public on NYSE but Lucious needs the consent of his ex-wife Cookie after she gets released from prison because she demands her portion of the company. He gets a hard time dealing with Jamal’s sexuality and Hakeem’s inability to act as a matured artist.

At the very same time, he also neglects Andre’s true capacity because he does not have any musical talents. The relationship between him and his ex-wife results in the complicated situation between Anika Calhoun who is the head of A &R.

Lucious has a history of being raised in the hoods where he had to sell drugs as a teenager but soon transforms into a successful rapper. His character is actually based on real life rappers, record producers with a criminal past.

His character was brought up in the streets of Philadelphia and he started selling drugs as an orphan when he was only nine years only just to survive. His father was murdered by the nation of Islam. As a matter of fact, he met his future ex-wife who helped him sell drugs so as to make money for his rap career.

Cookie gets arrested on the drug run and gets sentenced to prison. Lucious immediately divorces her and raises all of the three young sons with the help of Vernon Turner.

After creating a successful career as a rapper and a singer, he uses his drug money to build his personal record company and names it Empire Entertainment. After announcing his plans to convert the company to the public, he comes to know that he has less than three years to live.

When Cookie, the mother of the three children comes back from prison, his position in the company is at risk. She blackmails him saying that his Empire was built by the drug money so if he gives half of the company along with the position of A&R to her, she would not reveal the reality to anybody.

He refuses all of her demands but allows her to be the manager of Jamal. Lucious and Cookie turn Hakeem and Jamal against each other to compete and to know which was better at music and the one who will be better will be the sole heir to the Empire Entertainment.

The actor has an estimated net worth of 5 million and is 47 years of age at present. He also has a Twitter account with lots of followers. He also is famous for the strong quotes he uses in the series.



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