Lori Mae Hernandez is a stand-up comedienne who is one of the competitor in the reality show known as America’s Got Talent. She is considered to be one of the youngest contestants on the show. She has now reached at the age of 13.

Lori Mae Hernandez is one among popular and mostly loved celebrity on television screen whom we have known and are seeing daily. Some of you may also been her fan since long as well as you also may want to gain more information regarding her. Some of you may be getting the information regarding professional and personal life of her through various news paper, gossip pages, as well as magazines. She is widely known for making her appearance as one of the participant in the reality show known as America’s Got Talent.

Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Bevier’s bio which has been accessed from various sources. She is the native of Lancaster, California, United States. She has now been attending the high school for mompleting her studies. She has been writing as well as performing the stand-up since she was nine years old. Her unique comedy mixup pop culture and perspective of tween. In the first year, she performed nightly to mostly non-human audience which consisted of her dogs names Mickey and Bunny.

When her father was truck with severe case of Bell’s palsy leaving the half of his face paralyzed, Lori Mae took her act on road and then she started to perform in living room to her parents in hope that the laughter would help her dad to smile again. After just about a year, it worked and it felt great for couple of reasons: the smile of her dad returned and she found her voice.

Previously, Lori Mae was bit of shy kid but now with her new found talent, she studies comedy legends which has helped her to beat the shyness like Tina Fey, Carol Burnett, Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres and Howie Mandel. Some of her hobbies are to art, playing ukulele and making YouTube videos.

Her audition in episode 1103 consisted the jokes about her being too much young and thus unqualified to be babysitter and reality TV hosts being unqualified to run for the president. All of the four judges, Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Kum voted “Yes” which sent her to Judge Cuts.

She then performed in Judge Cuts in episode 1107 which jokes about being a tween and how she need to start the training for teenhood. Her week 1 quarterfinals performance in episode 1111 consisted of telling jokes about the hair of Donald Trump resembling a troll’s how the kids will vote for the braces to be illegal, and also how next President will do great.

Lori Mae Hernandez been active in this field since few time and it’s sure that during these period, she had earned multiple of fans and followers in her career. Apart from that, Plumb has got multiple of followers on her Instagram and Facebook account. Additionally, she is active in the Twitter page as well and we can follow her in the link https://twitter.com/lorimaeh in which she has already tweeted for 328 times. Besides that, there is no news found about her height.



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