Loren Beech is a young and emerging personality in YouTube and YouNow. She is famous for her Musical.ly count as lorengray. Her other social media sites like Instagram and twitter also have a huge number of followers.  Loren in her early age has been able to win million of hearts with her impressive talent. She was born on 19 April 2002 in Pennsylvania, United States of America. Her full name is Loren Gray Beech. She lives in Pennsylvania with her parents and her half-sister. Her half-sister is eight years elder than her however she doesn’t have a strong bond with her.

Is, YouTuber, Loren Beech single or dating? Who is her boyfriend?

The beautiful and gorgeous Loren Beech was in a relationship with Joey Kisluk who is famous as Whynot_Joey.    These people were in a relationship for sometimes and announced their split through twitter.

Joey twitted, 'Hey frens, idk if yall know already or if rumors got around, but you might've noticed something. Loren and I have become a little more distant. We care about each other but things weren’t really working out. I don’t want to get into detail but i'll leave it at that. yes im sad, but not everything really went right. We think it would be better off if we split up.

Yall might think this is a bad thing, which I thought, but we are both busy and Loren needs time for herself and so do I. We hope for the best for eachother and yeah. that’s all that needs to be said. We're sorry :/ things will get better soon. Have a good rest of your night.'

And contrary to that Loren made a video where she tells the bitter truth about her boyfriend. She explains that he became very much aggressive and possessive towards Loren having Guy's number on her cell phone. She also revealed that Joey tired became controlling of the things she wears.

Loren Beech became a YouTuber and gained huge popularity at a very young age

Loren Gray Beech started her YouTube account as Loren Gray on 5 May 2012 and YouNow account in 2014. She also has her Instagram and twitter which was created during 2015. The height of followers is peaking day-by-day.

Currently, her YouTube channel has nearly nine hundred thousand subscribers and her YouNow has more than five hundred thousand fan followers. She seems to be more followed in her instagram as there she has the total sum of five million followers.

While going through her social media sites we can find many admirers as well as haters too. People always seem to be commenting about the heavy makeup she does saying she would be looking like in her thirties if she appears without make up. However, it seems that she doesn’t really care about them a lot. 


  • American
  • 5.4
  • 19 April 2002
  • Internet Celebrity
  • Pennsylvania

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