Liziane Gutierrez is a Brazilian model who has accused the singer Chris Brown of hitting her at the party that was held in Las Vegas. A representative for Brown has told to the gossip site that her claims are undeniably untrue. The TMZ says that Lizianne sneaked her cell phone into the party of Brown at Palms Hotel located in Las Vegas on morning of 2nd January of the year 2016 at 10:20 a.m. When she took the picture of Brown, he snapped, she says. After that Brown hit her in her right eye. She left the party and the called the local police but she did not go to the hospital.

The CBS Las Vegas had reported that the cops are investigating and Brown is a suspect. Previous to the night the alleged accident, Brown has been performing as the part of his residency agreement with the nightclub of Drai in Vegas. Prior to that, The TMZ also reported that in August of 2015, she was one among five groupies who were partying with the rapper Jason Derulo at the Hollywood night spot. In November, her home in Brazil was robbed. It was something that she only noticed upon returning from the Atlanta where she was recording the reality show.

Moving on to her personal life biography, The Brazilian tabloid Globo has reported that in October of the year 2015, she has been flirting with Rod Stewart at the Sheraton Hotel. She then told to the paper that she was given tickets by Maggie Mar rocker to his show and then they exchanged their phone numbers but he never called her. Besides that, there is no details found whether she has any boyfriend or dating anyone. Her age is also not known. Besides that, as she is very much active in social networking media, she can also get connected in Twitter and Instagram. 


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