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Lisa Murray Madigan is the 41st Attorney General of the United States, in the state of Illinois starting from the year 2003 and she is also the first female attorney general. She was born in the year 1966, 30th July; she must be around 5 feet and eleven inches in height. She is the step-daughter of Michael Madigan and a democrat. Her stepfather was the Speaker of Illinois House of Representatives. Her bio include following details. In the year 2008, 12th December, she gained the whole nation’s attention when she filed a lawsuit with the Supreme Court for the motion of removing Rod Blagojevich, the governor at that time, from the office. The motion was denied by the court without any hearings and Rod Blagojevich was removed by the General assembly.

She finished her secondary education from the Latin School Of Chicago and she graduated from the Georgetown University. From the Loyola University Chicago School of law, she completed her Juris Doctor. Before she became an attorney, she was a teacher and a community organizer where she developed programs relating to helping kids in education and away from gangs and drugs. She volunteered as a high school teacher in the South Africa at the time of apartheid and worked in the Chicago Law From of Schnoff and Weaver as a litigator. She was elected as Illinois Senater starting from the year 1998 to the year 2002 and that was the time when she worked for Barack Obama. In the year 2002, she fought for Attorney General and defeated Joe Birkett with a narrow space; the votes in her favor were 50.4%.

In the year 2006, she got re-elected with a great difference of 27.6% which is 72.4% of the vote in her favor against Stewart Umholtz who was the Tazewell County State’s Attorney. She notably became the first Attorney General to argue a case personally beside the U.S Supreme Court. She argued Illinois V. Caballes where the court confirmed the ability of police officers for personal use of trained dogs without any search warrant to stop possibility of drug trafficking. She received a sum of $25,000 from Andrew Harris, a black metal as a donation. After Harris’s relation to the black metal came to the public, she agreed to donate the amount to the anti-hate groups as reported by the Chicago Tribune. She couldn’t have a good relation with Rod Blagovich.

She has also been cited as one of seventeen most likely women to become the first female president of the United States Of America as she has already pursued many high level political offices and her capacity of handling things. In the year 2014, 14th July, did not fight for the governor because her father’s decision was to stay as the speaker of Illinois House, she was greatly expected to run for the election but it is certain that she would definitely fight for the reelection.

She was awarded with the John F. Kennedy New Frontier Award in the year 2005 which is presented annually for the exceptional Americans who are under the age of 40 and have contributed in the elective offices and community advocacy or service. She got married to a cartoonist named Pat Byrnes and the couple is blessed with two sweet daughters as their children. Since she is a great personality, she regularly updates her twitter and instagram accounts.

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