Let's look at the bio of Lilimar Hernandez, an actress from Venezuela. She is just a teen as of now. Her age is 15 years old, and she has been active in the entertainment industry since 2013 until present.

Born on 2nd June 2000 in Nueva Esparta, Margarita Island of Venezuela, she is also known simply as Lilimar. She is of Cuban ethnicity and moved with her family at the age of six to Miami. She started taking classes for acting at Groundlings when she was nine years of age, and here are the movies/films she has to her credit: Sabado Gigante (2006), Rosario (only 1 episode in 2013), The Little Ghost (voice actor, 2013), Pedro Pan (2014), Last Children (2014), Smart Alec (unsold TV pilot, 2014), Bella and the Bulldogs (2015 until present).

Pedro Pan and Last Children are both short films in which she appeared as Elena and Hiyas respectively, and in Sabado Gigante, Hernandez appeared as herself in the children's section. She played the role of Elenita in Rosario, Beth in Smart Alec, and Sophie in Bella and the Bulldogs.

Being just a teen, she has already won the hearts of many viewers. This is also noticeable by the fact that she won the Best Young Actress Award (TV), for her performance in the show Bella and the Bulldogs in the 30th Annual Imagen Awards held in 2015.

She has been living in Los Angeles since getting to work in Bella and the Bulldogs, along with her mother and her grandmother. She is currently 5 feet 3 inches in height. Her trademark quality is her voice, and she started her career with commercials. She has recently begun working as a presenter for Pangea Kids, a radio show.

She can be followed along with other 29.4 thousand followers through her twitter account @IamLilimar, where there is also a link to her recent interview. She has about 330 thousand followers on her Instagram account iamlilimar. Her tagline in both her Twitter and Instagram account is “A sass a day, keeps the basics away”. She mostly keeps posted the selfies that she takes of herself, professionally shot photographs, and also photos with fans. On Twitter, she interacts very actively with her fans through social media. On Facebook, she has over 6000 likes and here also she keeps posting links, pictures, and videos related to her personal and professional life. She seems to have a lot of fans from her native country, as well as from the US. Hope her fame and name grows every day so that one day, she will be known as one of the most popular among teen actors.

According to famousbirthdays.com, Hernandez's popularity can be seen in different ways: She is #1033 in the most popular person category, #1 on those born on June 2nd, #30 on those born in the year 2000, #2 of those born in Venezuela, #1 among TV actresses from Venezuela, and #8 among Gemini TV actresses. She is also listed among “Famous 15 Year Olds” and “Famous Venezuelans.”

With such a young age and stunning beauty, Hernandez is one contender to the most popular Venezuelan actresses in the upcoming future.



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