Levi Johnston who is widely known for being the former fiance of Bristol Palin is currently married to his wife named Sunny Oglesby. The couple exchanged their vows with each other on 28th October of the year 2012 and since then, they are together and living their blissful life.

In addition to that, he also has two children together with his wife. Their first child, a baby girl named Breeze Beretta Johnston was born just a month after their wedding. Later, his wife again gave birth to their second daughter in January of 2015 and she has been named as Indy Rae Johnston.

Previous to getting married to Sunny, Levi was in a relationship and engaged with Bristol Palin with whom he started dating during their freshman year of the high school. After losing a promise ring on a caribou hunt, Levi has the name of Bristol tattooed on his finger.

Additionally, he also has a son with Bristol named as Tripp Easton Mitchell Johnston who was born in December of 2008. They broke off their engagement in March of 2009. The next year in July, they again made an announcement that they had reunited and also engaged for the second time.

Less than 3 weeks later, the pair again ended their 2nd engagement. Now, let’s extract few more details regarding Johnston’s bio which has been accessed from various sources.

Levi is a native of Wasilla, Alaska. He came into this world on 3rd May of the year 1990 which has now made him reach `the age of 26. Although he is known by the name Levi Johnston, his full name is Levi Keith Johnston. He was born as the eldest child to his parents Sherry and Keith Johnston.

His other family members also include his younger sister named Mercede Johnston. Levi Johnston went to study at the Wasilla High School where he played on the hockey team. But, he dropped out during his senior year.

He had also worked full time on Alaska North Slope Oil Fields as an Apprentice Electrician quitting in January 2009. After he worked in Alaska Oil Fields, he started to pursue his career in an entertainment industry aspiring to be a model and also an actor.

Additionally, Levi Johnston has also written a book that is based on his experiences with Palins entitled as Deer in the Headlights. He attended 2008 Republican National Convention with Palin family. After his breakup with Bristol, he gave a series of nationally televised interviews.

He made his appearances on the Tyra Banks Show along with his mother and sister saying that he wanted to dispel rumors. In August 2010, he made an announcement that he would run in October 2011 election for the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska stating that he wanted his son to be proud of him.

On 3rd September of 2010, the Public Policy Polling reported that he had become most unpopular person polled in the home state of him with 6% of approval and 72% disapproval rating replacing the former Democratic Presidential Candidate as well as senator John Edwards.

Besides, Levi is presently married to his wife named Sunny Oglesby with whom he has two children. More information regarding his bio can also be obtained from different sites. Exact news about his net worth is not known.



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