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Leslie Roberts who is a Canadian Journalist as well as a TV personality was born on 28th June of 1962. He is the native of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He was raised up in the family that is full of journalists. He lost his parents in his young age. His father died due to cancer and his died because of the failure of liver.

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Leslie Roberts interned in newsroom at CKGM Radio at Montreal when he was at the age of 18. He covered the 1980 Quebec refendum and also has an opportunity for interviewing Rene Levesque. After completing his school, Leslie was immediately recruited as medical reporter in the year 1985 for the CFCF-TV which is he affiliate of CTV located in Montreal. He worked there for twelve years finding himself on variety of segments from travelling to the morning talk shows. He also served as the executive editor and an anchor for the Global Toronto from the year 2001 till 2015. On 8th January of 2015, he was suspended after Toronto Star investigation alleged the conflict of interest because of his equality stake in the PR. He then resigned on 15th January from the Global. In addition to that, he had also worked for the WNYW located in New York City as a reporter and anchor.

To talk about his personal life, he has already got married. He was married with his wife Amalia Fernandez who is a assignment editor of the CTV Montreal. The couple has a daughter together who is named as Lauren with whom Leslie is passionately fond of. In the year 2010, he announced that he was a gay which his friends knew long time ago. Currently, he is having an affair with his partner Chris.

Apart from that, Leslie is now at the age of 52. As he has maintained to keep his profile low and does not want to come out in public, the information about how much salary does he gets and his net worth is not known.

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