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A native of Caracas, Venezuela , Leopoldo Lopez is a politician who is currently serving as the National Coordinator of the Venezuelan political party known as Voluntad Popular which was founded by him in the year 2009. It was in the year 2000 when Lopez first ventured into the politics when he co-founded political party called Primero Justicia along with Henrique Capriles Radonski as well as Julio Borges and ran successfully for mayorship of Chacao Municipality in regional elections held in July of 2000. He has earned multiple of the awards for his transparency as well as support of the democracy.

At the beginning of his career, Lopez started to work as an analyst as well as consultant and then eventually as analyst for chief economist to Planning Vice-President in the Petroleos de Venezuela S. A. between the year 1996 and 1999. He had also served as the professor of the Institutional Economy in Economics Department at the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello. It was in the year 1992 when he co-founded a political party called Primero Justicia. Later in 2000, he was elected as mayor of Chacao with the 51% of vote and then was re-elected in the year 2004 with 81% votes.

 He was praised by the constituents for revamping public health system as well as building new public spaces. Lopez who called for the peaceful protests in the year 2014 was arrested on 18th February of the same year on the charges of murder as well as terrorism which were later changed to the lesser charges of instigating arson, damage and the criminal gatherings. He was then found guilty of the public incitement to violence and the criminal association on 10th September of 2015 and he was also sentenced by court to thirteen years and nine months in the prison.

Moving personal life biography, Lopez came into this world on 29th April of the year 1971 which has now made him at the age of 44. He is of Roman Catholicism religion. He went to get his education from the Colegio Santoago de Leon de Caracas and got graduated from Hun School of Princeton. He then attended the Kenyon College from where he received a degree in the Sociology as well as Economics in the year 1993. He also got enrolled at the Harvard University and from there; he earned a Master of Public Policy in the year 1996. His family members also include his two sisters who are named as Diana and Adriana Lopez. In addition to that, Lopez also received honorary Doctor of Laws Degree from Kenyon.

Leopoldo Lopez has already got married. He is married to his wife named Lilian Tintori. They have been living their blissful life since they got married to each other. Lopez also has two children together with his wife who are named as Manuela Rafaela Lopez and Leopoldo Santiago Lopez and they were born in the year 2009 and 2013 respectively. Prior to that, Lopez was also awarded the Democracy Award in May of 2015 by National Endowment for Democracy. Besides that, to get more details about him, it can also be accessed from various internet sites and he can also be connected via Twitter and Instagram account.

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