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Lawrence Edward Kasdan is popularly known as an American screen writer, producer, and a director; he is known across the globe for being the co-writer of the movies like “The Empire Strikes Back”, “Raiders Of the Lost Ark”, and “Return Of Jedi” He is also the co-writer of the movie Star Wars and the movie “Star Wars, Force Awakens”. He is reported to be writing the series of the “Han Solo” film.

 His bio includes the following details. This energetic man has also been selected for Oscars, he has been nominated for the Best Original Screenplay for he move The Big Chill; Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay for the movie named “The Accidental Tourist”. He has two sons, Jake Kasdan and Jon Kasdan and both of them are directors; he is father in law of the musician named Inara George. The family of Kasdan was Jewish who originated from Miami in Florida. His mother’s name is Sylvia Sarah who was an employment counselor and his father’s name was Norman Kasdan who used to manage electronics stores. His brother’s name is Mark Kasdan who is a writer as well as a producer. Kasdan was brought up in the city of Morgantown situated at West Virginia, he graduated from the same place in the year 1966.

He achieved his MA in Education from the University Of Michigan as he had primarily planned to become an English teacher. He had won an award for his writing when he was a student. He was taught by the famous Professor Kenneth Thorpe Rowe. Even after his graduation, he was unable to find a teaching place and consequently, he became an advertising copywriter which was the profession which he never liked. He was doing the same job for five whole years starting off at Detroit and later at Los Angeles. He came to know about film business in the mid 70s after getting rejected for 67 times. The script which he sold to Warner Bros was named “The Bodyguard” as a vehicle for Steve McQueen and Diana Ross. The script later got stuck in “development hell” but was produced in the year 1992 which starred Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

He has already casted Kevin Kline in six of his movies, Kevin Costner and James Gammon in three of his movies and William Hurt in four. In between the years 1994-2003, he made sets of movies that conversely contrasted the hits he had in the 80s that failed to break bank receipts; one of these movies were Wyatt Earp and Dreamcatcher which was based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King. The movei named “French Kiss” earned about 100 million dollars in the year 1995. He also made appearances in I love you to Death as a lawyer to River Phoenix and also in “As Good As it Gets” which was produced by James L. Brooks as a fe up psychiatrist of Jack Nicholson’s novelist.

 In the year 2001, KAsdan received Austin Film Festival’s Distinguished Screenwriter Award. He directed a comedy movie named “Darling Companion” which starred Kevin Kline and Diane Keaton. IN the year 2013, JJ Abrams took over the screenwriting task of Star Wars: The Force Awakens working along with Kasdan. The name of his wife is Meg Kasdan and he was married to her when he was 22 years of age. He does not seem to be keen about social networking sites; he has a twitter account but he only tweets on special occasions.

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