A beautiful as well as hot lady Lauren Urasek is a make-up artist whose life has been turned upside down since she was contacted by the New York Magazine as well as awarded her a title of the OKCupid’s Most Messaged person in back February of the year 2014. Since that time, she has become quite a celebrity. Lauren has turned her messages into the wildly popular Tumblr blog known as They Really Said This and a best selling book titled as Popular.

Gorgeous Lauren has now reached at the age of 25. In sharing her tips for the great profile picture with the Cosmopolitan, she advises the viewers to post the realistic yet flattering full body picture. She also adds that she likes to post with her stomach in and chest up, butt out, as well as arm not directly pressed against her. She also tells the readers about not to use the Instagram filter but rather use the USCO Cam as well as Enlight to alter pictures.

According to an interview with Daily Dot in November of the year 2015, Lauren does not even have an OKCupid account anymore. She primarily used Tinder for her online dating needs. She is very addicted to be an online dater. In addition to that, she is also a feminist as well as the fan of equality. In her Facebook page, she has described herself as a make-up artist, feminist, writer, and the fan of equality.

In the Cosmo-tips blog of Lauren, she is pushing an app which she has partnered with The Grade. That application will rate your picture as dating site pics as well as also rank them with the percentage. She had also described the app as being empowering to the women in online dating. Besides that, more info related to her bio can also be obtained from various sources and she can also be followed in Twitter account. 


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