Laura Jane Grace was actually born as Thomas James Gabel who is an American musician. Laura Grace is the lead singer, founder, guitarist and songwriter of the punk rock band Against Me!. They have released seven studio albums. They experienced their breakthrough success with New Wave (2007) and White Crosses (2010). She has established recording studio and a recording label of her own, namely, Total Treble recording studio and Total Treble Music respectively.

Until 2012, she was known as a male. She reintroduced herself as a transgender woman with the name Laura Jane Grace in 2012. 

Laura Jane Grace faced divorce and broken family at an early age

She was born on November 8, 1980, in Fort Benning, Georgia. Her parents are United States Army Major Thomas Gabel and Bonnie Gabel (nee Grace). Her parents had a rancorous divorce when she was 12. They never talked to each other again. She then lived with mother and grandmother in Naples, Florida. She was into severe depression and recalls that as “a period of extreme dysphoria – of just not wanting to be male”.

 She starting indulging in alcohol, marijuana, LSD and cocaine by the time she was 13. She got arrested for possession of marijuana at the age of 14. She struggled with addiction for years trying to cope up by skipping schools and cross-dressing at home.

She was influenced by nihilistic and anarchistic ideals of punk rock genre while in junior high school. Growing up she always had a messed up mind because of various thing which always included her gender. Throughout her journey, she has always made references to her gender dysphoria in her song’s lyrics. 

Laura has a tattoo of her ex-wife’s name

She married Tiffany Kay in 2000. She recalls “That was more of an embarrassing thing” because she was only 20. They had a divorce four years later in 2004. He married artist Heather Hannoura after a year-long engagement in December 2007. They have tattoos of each other’s names and she says the relationship completely consumed her thoughts and she was dedicated to living as a man. They have a daughter together, Evelyn, born on October 30, 2009. Laura’s family moved to St. Augustine, Florida in 2010. She started her first recording studio then. The couple is currently undergoing divorce procedure.

In 2012, she announced her plans to transition from being a male to a female and living as a woman. She says a transgender female fan inspired her to do so. She has been undergoing transition since then. She also talks about her plans to get electrolysis and says she doesn’t want her penis but is just scared of a surgery.

Laura is one of the richest transgender people with a net worth of $5million 

In today’s rock scene, she is one of the most influential artists. Also, she is a very influential person with respect to her gender deviation. She is one of the top 5 richest transgender people on earth according to vogue.

Along with 7 studio albums, she has also published a memoir “TRANNY: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellouts”.  The book is one of Billboard’s 100 greatest music books of all time. In a talk at the daily show, she says “I didn’t hear the word transgender until she was 19 or 20.” Her net worth is $5 million.


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