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Laura Ingraham (full name Laura Anne Ingraham) who was born on 19 June 1963 is an American radio talk show host, best-selling author and a conservative political commentator. Glastonbury in Connecticut is her birthplace and she is 53 years of age. Let’s take a look at this multi-faceted personality, who has over 630 thousand followers on twitter. Have a look at her bio below.

Ingraham earned her Bachelor of Arts degree at Dartmouth College in 1985. She wrote many controversial articles as the editor-in-chief of The Dartmouth Review, most notably an article on Bill Cole, a music professor at Dartmouth College for his alleged racist and unprofessional behavior, and Ingraham was later sued $2.4 million by the professor. This case was settled in 1985. On the same lines, the faculty adviser for The Dartmouth Review, Jefferey Hart stated that Ingraham held the most severe homophobic views. Ingraham later described in an essay in the Washington Post, that she changed her views on homosexuality after being a witness to the courage and dignity that her gay brother and his companion used to cope with AIDS. She and her brother however, remain estranged and divided over the issue of gay marriage.

The late 80's saw Ingraham working as a speech-writer for the Domestic Policy Advisor in the Ronald Reagan administration. In 1991 her got her JD from the University of Virginia's School of Law and after working for some time as a law clerk, Ingraham debuted her TV career, first as a commentator on CBS hosting the MSNBC program Watch It! in the late 90's, and later when Fox News Channel gave her a new show titled Just In, for a trial of 3 months in 2008. She also is the official guest host of The O'Reilly Factor on Fox News Channel, wherein she also contributes her own segment, The Ingraham Angle.

She launched her own radio show titled The Laura Ingraham Show in April 2001, originally syndicated by Westwood One but later moved to Talk Radio Network in 2004. She decided not to renew her contract with TRN on November 2012, and her new program was syndicated by Courtside Entertainment Group beginning January 2013. She has written 5 books so far : The Hillary Trap : Looking for Power in All the Wrong Places (2000); Shut Up & Sing : How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN Are Subverting America (2003); Power to the People (2007); The Obama Diaries (2010); and Of Thee I Zing (2011). Her books are mostly about the American political system as well as satiric jab at the politicians and elites of the American society.

Ingraham has had a few relationships in the past but her last engagement was to James V Reyes (a businessman). Upon being diagnosed with and having undergone a surgery for breast cancer in 2005, she stated that her engagement to Reyes was cancelled, but the two of them still were good friends. She hasn't married so far, therefore there arises no question about who her husband is. A convert to Roman Catholicism, Ingraham has adopted 3 children: a girl (Guatemala) and 2 boys (from Russia). Her net worth is estimated to be $45 million.

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