Kyron Horman wiki, bio, age, twitter, height

Kyron Horman who is an American boy became a missing person when he did not return to his home from the Skyline Elementary School that is located in Portland, Oregon on 4th June of 2010. The local as well as state police along with FBI conducted an exhaustive search for Kyron and they also launched the criminal investigation. But, they have not uncovered any significant information related to the whereabouts of the boy. On the day of his disappearance, he was brought to the school by his step-mother Terri Horman who then stayed with Kyron while he used to attend the science fair.

His step-mother states that she left school at around 8:45 a.m. and she remembered seeing her son walking down hall to the first class. However, he wasn’t ever seen in first math class. Instead, he was marked absent for that day and he has not been seen since then. Kyron was at the height of three feet and eight inches when he was seen for last time. His height was recorded as 50 lbs. Kyron is the native of Portland, Oregon, United States. He came into this world on 9th September of the year 2002. He got disappeared on 4th June of the year 2010 when he was just at the age of 7. He went to get his education from the Skyline Elementary School near the Forest Park.

On 1st June of 2012, Kyron’s mother filed a lawsuit against Terri claiming that she is responsible for disappearance of her son. The civil lawsuit would then attempt proving that Terri kidnapped Kyron. Later, on 15th August of 2012, a Federal Court Judge denied motion by Terri to delay the lawsuit. On 30th June of next year, it was announced that Kyron’s mother dropped a lawsuit against Terri. Besides that, more info about his bio can be obtained from different sources and he was not active in twitter and instagram. 

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