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Kristaps Porzingis, who was born in the year 1995, August 2 is a Latvian basketball player who professionally plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association. He got selected with the overall pick in the NBA draft. He is 7 feet and 3 inches in height and he plays as forward and centre positions for the Knicks. He was brought up in the city of Liepaja in Latvia, he started to build his career with small teams in his hometown and making the youth basketball squad. He was promoted in the senior squad after they represented the youth team in Nike International Junior Tournaments. His bio includes following details.

He  is currently 20 years of age. He followed the footsteps of his parents and he started to play basketball when he was just about six years old. He turned 12 and his older brother Janis, who was a professional player for Europe, used to take him to the off season training sessions. An agent from Latvia sent a video of his playing basketball to the teams in Italy and Spain. In the year 2010, Baloncesto Sevilla, a club who had a team competing Liga ACB in Spain called him for a try out; he was 6 feet and eight inches tall and weighed 71 kgs. At that time he had said recalling the moment that he had come there with his brother for 3 days but he could not play as it was really hot in there. In the year 2015, he signed a contract with Knicks in a rookie scale. He had already averaged 10.5 points backed up with 3.2 rebounds in a single game.

 He made his first ever debut for the Knicks as a season opener playing against Milwaukee Bucks where he scored 16 point backed up with 5 rebounds and registered 122-97 wins against them. On 2nd November, he scored 13 points and 14 rebounds which was his first career double which was held in San Antonio Spurs. He had the best game in the overall season on 21st November where he scored 24 points, 14 rebounds backed up with 7 blocks with a narrow win of 107-102 over Houston Rockets. He was ranked third among all of the rookies who scored 13.7 and was ranked as second in the rebounds with 9.3 and blocks of 1.89 for October and November. On 7th December, he had led a fourth-quarter charge and finished it off with 28 points where they lost to Dallas Mavericks. He played along with Latvian Youth Team and was selected for the 2013 FIBA Europe Under 18 championship. He used to spend a large portion of his time in local gyms and school.

He was born in the year 1995, 2nd August to the parents who were experienced in playing basketball; we can assume that athleticism was in his genes. His father was a semi-professional before he was a driver, his name was Talis. And his mother’s name was Ingrida who was on the team of Latvia Women’s Youth National Basketball Team. His older brother who is thirteen years older than him is also a basketball player. He is also active on social network sites like twitter and instagram. Since he is currently focusing on his career and future goals, things about girlfriend and relationships seem to be out of his mind for the moment.

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