Kimberly Woodruff a wonderful lady who is a director and actress who celebrates her birthday on 26 April.  Kimberly Woodruff a 47-year-old lady is mostly known with her husband’s name. She belongs to American nationality and black ethnicity. According to IMDb, she has directed the movie Hunger in 2012.

Bombshell Bloodbath in the year 2014. Hunger has been rated 7.6 on IMDb and Bombshell Bloodbath, 3.6 out of 10. She prefers keeping her profile low and does not let much information about herself to get out in public. She seems to be too occupied with her family to be involved in social sites and other celebrity like activities. However, she loves to be part of community programs and charity shows.

Kimberly Woodruff is Ice Cube’s Backbone, he says in an Interview.
She started dating an actor and rapper O’Shea Jackson, mostly known as Ice Cube, in 1988. They married on 26 April 1992. They have been together for almost 30 years now which is like a century for the entertainment industry. She is known as one of the most loyal wives of rappers. 

Despite her husband being in the limelight, she has been able to keep her husband happy and maintain a strong relationship. On the other hand, she is one lucky woman to have found such a loving husband. He never misses any chance to talk about her and the strength she gives him in any interview or any occasion possible. She is fond of purses and he has given her more than 200, he says.

They have four kids. Their first and second sons, O’Shea Jr., 26 and Darrell, 25 both are rappers. O’Shea Jr. (stage name OMG) had the privilege to play his father’s role in the biopic Straight outta Compton. 

The first and only girl child, Kareema was born in the family in 1994. She gave birth to their youngest son Shareef was born in 1995. Kimberly Woodruff husband has a net worth of $120 million which he shares with his ever loving wife.


  • American
  • 26 April 1970
  • Actress
  • Ice Cube
  • $120 million
  • 4
  • Back American
  • black
  • Icecube
  • Christian
  • Hunger, Bombshell Bloodbath
  • Gemini

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