Khloe Kardashian bio, age, weight, tattoo, divorce

Khole Kardashian is an American TV Personality born in 27th June 1984, her big appeareance was in the reality television show Keeping up with the Kardashian. Khole succeeded from the creation of spin off including Kourtney and did well in that. Khole later on married a basketball player Lamar Odon (ex husband) but soon divorced (divorce) in the later 2013 december, Khole has also launched many collections of clothing and fragrances too. Khole is originally from Los Angeles, California, she is 30 years old (age) and attended Roman Catholic girls school. Khole is very attractive and has great attractive and dazziling beauty. Khole nature is very charming and when she dresses the latest fashions it matches her style.

Khole is gaining weight and also loosing weight, she is seen sometime fat and some time she is found to have losen some weight, its hard to find her in the exact physical weight. Khole has several tattoo in her body including cross sign and letters. Khole is found in relation French Montana and looks happy as ever after. Khole loves rings and she has a big diamond ring in her finger. Khole is usually found with Montana together spending time as a couple. Khole is famous throught USA and is living a great life.

Khole and her boyfriend French were spotted singing together and interviewed together in different radio stations. Khole also runned down to her sister’s sex tape leaked in 2007 between Kim and her boyfriend, Khole is really a charming beauty and is attractive. Khole keeping up the kardashian has taken so many series and is all out in the news and Khole once also said she was glad to have her former husband baby(father). Khole is followed by paparazzi and new’s reporter’s all the the time and is asked questions all the time and is sometime found stressed towards the questions.

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