Khasiev Magomid is a Russian spy who became a victim of a Russian jihadi in the Syria and he is now no more alive with his friends and family. His video has been recently uploaded on 2nd December of the year 2015 and it is titled as You Shall be Disappointed and Humiliated O Russians.

In the video, Khasiev, the victim has told before being killed that he is a guy who is 23 years old and he is from the Chechen City of Grozny on one of the Russia’s most disputed zones. He also says that he entered the ISIS territory in August of the year 2014 and he had been charged with gathering names, pictures as well as the information about the Islamic State Fighters.

In the video, the captor clearly speaks in the Russian before executing Khasiev. He was born on 4th August of the year 1992 and he died at the tender age of 23. The video shows executioner waving the knife and standing behind the kneeling captive. The video consists of 8 minutes and it has widely been circulated by the professional ISIS activists as well as sympathizers on social media. When he was captured, the ISIS told him that they were looking for him and he came to them on his feet. He is now

According to Khasiev, in June of 2014, he was on his way to Gronzy returning from the Maikop where he was working as well as studying. Numbers of men stopped him and he later discovered that he was arrested by secret police who took him to Russian intelligence branch in city. They then accused him of drug use and then raised questions about the Islamic State. They also asked him to enter ISIS held areas in Syria. He then agreed and completed all paperwork and terms of contract between them. 


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