Kenneth George Baker is popularly known across the world as an English actor and a musician who was born in the year 1934, currently 79 years of age,  in the month of August. He is well known for his character as R2-D2 in the world famous franchise Star Wars which just released its latest movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”. His bio includes following details.

He is 3 feet and 8 inches in height and he was born and brought up in Birmingham situated at West Midlands; he studied at boarding school at Kent. He was the only child of his parents who were of average height. He wanted to follow the career of his father but did not have sufficient education. He then went out to live with his stepmom in the Hastings at Sussex and in the year 1951, he got approached by a lady to grant him a theatrical troupe. Later, he joined a circus for a short period of time and also learned how to skate in ice and appeared on many shows. He also performed a comedy act named “Minitones” which was one of the most successful ones which included Jack Purvis. He got hired by George Lucas to be the man inside of the R2-D2 in the movie Star wars in the year 1976.

He appeared in the theatrical episode of Star Wars in the seven different parts. He also played an additional role in the sequel of the movie Star Wars, “Return of Jedi” as Paploo as Ewok who steals Imperial Speeder bike. He originally planned in playing Wicket but he suddenly fell ill and that role was given to Warwick Davis. He is also featured in the “Bring Back Star Wars” by Justin Lee Collin. He revealed the fact that there was a feud between him and his co-actor Anthony Daniels. He also claimed that Daniels became rude to him on different times and he also said that Daniels is rude to everyone which includes his fans as well.

He also has played in movies named “Time Bandits”, “Willow”, “Flash Gordon”, “Amadeus “, “The Elephant Man”, “Labyrinth” etc. and he got chance to make an appearance in the television show Casualty which is of the medical drama genre. He also had a short part in the BBC production of “The Chronicles Of Narnia”.

He also launched a small stand-up comedy career. He played the role of Casanova in the movie named U.F.O. in the year 1993. He also played Harmonica along with James Coutts’ Scottish Dance Band in the year 1997. He currently lives in the city of Preston at Lancashire. He along with his wife has dwarfism but their children don’t.

In the year 2009, in the month of November, a biography of him as written by Ken Mills was made available through his website and other means which was entitled as “From Tiny Acorns: The Kenny Baker Story”.

He repreised his role as R2-D2 in the latest series of Star War, The Force awakens which got released worldwide on 18th December, 2015 in North America. He was going to get casted as a member but he served as a consultant. In the year 2015, November, it got confirmed that Jimmy Vee was getting casted as R2-D2 in the eight episode of Star Wars by replacing Baker. He is shown as a knight and courtier for Queen Anne in Bryan Talbot’s parallel universe graphic novel whose name is “Heart Of Empire”.



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