Kelly Gissendaner is an American woman who is now at the age of 46. She was sentenced to the death in Georgia on 20th November of the year 1998. Kelly was born into the poor cotton farming parents. She was recruited her lover to kill her husband Doug Gissendaner on 7th February of 1997. Kelly and her husband had been married to each other, got divorced, remarried, separated and again reunited between 1989 and 1997. Kelly was in the relationship with her boyfriend Gregory Bruce Owen who had testified against her as the part of a plea bargain which landed him the life sentence but was later spared him from death penalty.

During the days leading up to murder, Kelly made forty seven telephone calls to her boyfriend Owen as well as paged him for 18 times. The telephone records of them also showed that the couple was together at the bank of payphones before the several hours of the murder. On the evening of the murder day, Kelly drove Owe to the house of her family, gave him the nightstick as well as a large knife and she left him inside home for waiting for the victim. She then drove to her friend’s house she went to the night club together with her friends.

Shortly after 10: pm, the victim returned to the home. He was then convicted from the behind, held the knife to the throat, forced him to drive to the remote location, forced him to walk into woods and kneel and then he was killed by striking with nightstick and stabbing in back and neck repeatedly with the knife. As per the instruction of Kelly, her boyfriend took out the watch and the wedding ring of the victim so that the murder would look like a robbery.

The couple then went together at the place where her husband was murdered and checked whether the victim was dead or not. After the murder, Kelly concealed the relationship of her with Owen from the police. After her arrest, while she was in the jail, she wrote a letter in an effort for hiring someone to give perjured testimony as well as to rob and beat witnesses. Besides that, her execution which was scheduled for Wednesday may be postponed due to the weather. More details about her biography can also be found in various internet sites.


  • American
  • 1968-03-08
  • American woman
  • Yes
  • Not Disclosed
  • Brandon Gissendaner, Kayla Gissendaner, Dakota Gissendaner
  • White
  • Doug Gissendaner, Doug Gissendaner (div.)
  • No
  • Yes(Twice)
  • 2015-09-30

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