Kellee Maize who is an American rapper, singer, as well as a song writer was born on 18th January of the year 1980. She is the native of Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. She was adopted by the family who lived in New Berlin which is a small town in the Central Pennsylvania. Maize started her first rap group when she was at the age of nine. The group was named as Thunder and Lightning. While she was a teenager, she moved to Pittsburgh.

She than began rapping as well as singing on the stage in 2000. But the financial need led her to workforce. She went to study at the University of Pittsburgh. She used to work at Pittsburgh City Paper and she also began to promote events around city. During her time there, Maize helped to launch multiple of the programs supporting as well as promoting local musicians and also spoken word artists and a local fashion show. Kellee was then soon promoted to position events and promotions director.

At the beginning of her musical career, she released her first album titled as Age of Feminine in June of the year 2007. The album contained 11 songs. It received positive reviews with more than two million listens and more than one hundred thousand downloads. She released her second album in January of 2010 and titled it as Aligned Archetype. The following year, she released her third album entitled as Integration. Kellee’s fourth album called Owl Time was released on 12th December of the year 2012. In 2014, she released her fifth album titled as The 5th Element.

 Kellee founded Nakturnal which is the guerrilla marketing firm in the year 2006. It is a leading marketing and the events organization in Pittsburgh area. It has also worked with many of the big name organizations which also include One Campaign and EcoSMART. Apart from that, Kellee is now at the age of 35 and she was nominated as one of the Pittsburgh Magazine’s and PUMP,s 40 Under 40. To get more information related ot her biography, we can view on various internet sites.



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