Keith Urban wiki, news, bio, album

Keith Urban is a Famous world wide known singer from Australia born in 26 October 1967 and also included him in judging the competition, Urban moved to US and build a band and then they started their band. Urban Is currently 47 years old (age) and is one of the music most incredible entertainer, everybody loves him and his new song Somewhere in my car greed to success and reached one of the best song. Urban a great live concert performer and a great guitarist too, Urban is also known for his roles as a coach on the Australian Version of the Singing competition The Voice and as a judge in the famous show American Idol.

Urban  Married famous actress Nicole Kidman in 2013 (news)  and also introduced his own signature line of guitar and accessories too. Urban is famous all over twitter and has a huge number of fan and goes to tour most of the tim and is still taking out great album songs. Urban are always there for him as he has married Hollywood actress and never runs off sale of concert ticket when he is in concert, Urban talented and has a fan club too. Urban is working now in new song which he shared in discography as a information to his fans.

Urban has some of the best song ever and is played all over the tv channels and radios, fans love him when he is in concert with those amazing skill and talent fans can’t stop making love nose for the band and him. Urban has a great manly look and a great smile, he is also a outdoor person and loves the country roads and does the world tours. Urban is mostly busy in the tours and singing for his fans and people. Urban and his wife are now expecting their first child soon.

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