A Tea Party activist as well as a communications consultant Katrina Pierson is the native of Kansas, United States. She came into this world on 20th July of the year 1976 which has now made him reach the age of 39. Although she is known by the name Katrina Pierson, as a child, she was named as Katrina Lanette Pierson. Pierson has served as the national spokesperson of Donald Trump 2016 Presidential Campaign since November of 2015. Her father is black whereas her mother is white. Katrina Pierson was intially given for adoption by her parents but later changed mind and she was grown up with her mother in poverty. She was born when her mother was just 15 years old.

Katrina Pierson Background

Her mother initially gave her for adoption but she later changed her mind. In 1997, when Katrina was 20 years old, she was arrested for the shoplifting to which she pleaded no contest, received deferred adjudication and ultimately a dismissal with case sealed. She reportedly took $168 in Merchandise from J.C. Penney store located in Plano, Texas. At the time of that incident, she had her three months old son together with her. She told the authorities that she needed clothes for the job interview. She went to get her education from the University of Texas at Dallas and from there, she earned herself a Bachelor’s degree in Biology in 2006.

After she voted Barack Obama in 2008 Presidential Election, Katrina joined Tea Party Movement becoming an activist She also founded a local Tea Party Group in Garland, Texas. Pierson actively supported Ted Cruz in 2012 Senate Race in Texas and the made her appearance on the stage with him on election night. In 2014 Texas Congressional Elections, she challenged incumbent Congressman Pete Sessions in Republican Primary to represent Texas’ 32nd district. The candidacy of her was represented by Rafael Cruz and Sarah Palin who called her a feisty fighter for freedom. In an election, she received 36% of vote losing to Sessions who received 63%.

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Pierson then attended the meeting in January 2015 for Tea Party activists in Myrtle Beach along with Ted Cruz. While there, she also met with Donald Trump. After the meeting with Donald or his aides a few more in spring, she introduced Donald at the campaign rally that was held in Dallas in September. Later in November, she was hired as a national spokesperson for the campaign of Trump subsequently appearing frequently on TV in this capacity. As of December of 2015, Pierson had served on Texas Tea Party Caucus Advisory Committee.

Katrina Pierson Short Biography

Apart from that, Katrina Pierson is of African American ethnicity and she belongs to American nationality. She was married for three months which gave her one child, a son at very young age. There is no any news found about her husband and married date. At present, Katrina Pierson is residing in Garland, Texas along with her son. As Pierson has maintained her private life secret, there is no news found regarding her height. More information of Katrina Pierson can be accessed from Wikipedia pages.



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