Kathy Beale wiki, bio, age

Kathy Beale is  fictional character from BBC Soap Opera East Enders which is played by Gillian Taylforth between the year 1985 and 2000. Beale is one of the original character of the serial that appeared in first episode of the East Enders that was aired on 19th February of 1985. The creators of the Kathy wanted her to be warm, practical, attractive, funny, tough as well as sexy. Many of the actresses were interviewed for the role. Gillian was an actress who was encountered during the open evening in The Anna Scher Theatre located in Islington, North London. She was then cast for the character of Kathy Beale.

The character Kathy was born as well as brought up in Walford by an East End family which is headed by an abusive and alcoholic father. She was raped by her music teacher when she was at the age of 14nad fell pregnant. She then gives birth to a baby girl whom she gave up immediately for the adoption. After a year, she fell in love with a local boy who left his wife and sons to be with her. Later, they get marry in 1968 and a year later, she gives birth to their son named Ian. In January of 2000, the role of Kathy made her final appearance. Although there were various rumors of possible return for Beale in the press, she did not occur and the character was then killed off screen in road accident in February of 2006.

Later, she returned along with other woman from Ian’s past in concussion related flashback for the Children in Need Special named as “The Ghosts of Ian Beale” on 14th November of 2014. She then again made a shock appearance as Kathy Beal on 19th February of the year 2015 during live segment of 30th anniversary episode. More information that is related to the character Kathy Beale’s biography can also be found in various internet sites such as Wikipedia and many more.

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