Kathy Bates is a well re known woman who is best known as an American Actress plus a film director for her outstanding work in the industry. She is born in the year 1948 and that is on the 28th of June and has appeared in different roles in different tv shows and movies all together.

She is famous for her role she did in the movie Misery which was in the year 1990 and many more movies in the coming year ahead. Coming to her bio information, she is born in Memphis which is located in Tennessee and that is in the US and she just turned age 66. She graduated from the Southern Methodist university and started her active career in the industry since 1971. She is a two time married woman to her husband which is she all together had two boyfriend before becoming her husband.

Her fatherly grand dad was legal counselor plus a creator finis named L. Bates who is one of her incredible awesome granddads who also emigrated from Ireland to New Orleans that is in Louisiana, served as President Andrew Jackson's doctor. She also majored in Theater then turned into an individual from Alpha Delta Pi sorority and as she moved to New York City in the year 1970 to seek after an acting vocation. She later got a Tony Grant assignment in late 1983 for her stage part in the famous Pulitzer Prize-winning play called night Mother inverse named Anne Pitoniak. The generation of night Mother kept running for over a year.  

She has her information all over IMDB and has won many award moreover awards plus she has millions of instagram and twitter followers and has many gay friends. She has done a lot since her young age and appeared in titanic movie too. She also has her struggle story of recovery from cancer. 


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