Kathryn Ann Bigelow is a famous American director and a producer who was born in the year 1951, 27 November; it makes her 64 years of age at present. Her movies include a vampire horror movie Near Dark, action crime, Point Break and a controversial science fiction movie Strange Days. She is famous as a director who directed the movie The Hurt Locker. This movie of hers won Academy Awards for the Best Picture and a BAFTA Award for the Best Movie; it also got nominated for the Golden Globe Award for Best Drama. More of her bio are stated below which includes the following details about her movies and personal life. 

After The Hurt Locker, she became the first woman in the history to win the Academy Awards for the Best Director and Critic’s Choice Awards for the Best Direction. She also was the first woman to win the Saturn Award for the Best Director in the year 1995 for the movie named Strange Days. She was named in the Times’ magazine’s list of 100 most influential people of the year.

She was born in the city of San Carlos situated at California and she is the one and only child of Ronal Elliot Bigelow and Gertrude Kathryn. Her mother was form a Norwegian descent. She was enrolled in the San Francisco Art institute in the fall of 1970 so that she could create a career in the field of painting. She completed her bachelor in the year 1972. She was at the college, she was accepted in the Whitney Museum of American Art’s Independent Study program in the New York City. Her early work benefitted her a lot. She got a chance to team up with Philip glass in a real-estate venture where they used to renovate the apartments personally and sold them at profits.

She entered the film program in the University of Columbia where she studied movie theories and criticisms and finally earned a Masters Degree. Her professors were Vito Acconci Sylvere and Susan Sontag. She also worked alongside California Institute of Arts. When she was working with Language and Arts, she started a short movie named “The Set-up”.

She was married to the fellow director James Cameroon; they were living happily as husband and wife for about 3 years i.e. 1989 to 1991 and then they got divorced. The couple was nominated for the category of Best Director in the 2010 Academy Awards and Bigelow won the Award for the movie “The Hurt Locker”. David Cameroon is famous as the director who directed the movie Titanic and Avatar, both of which were are highest budgeted movie then and now.

 She had acted as a model for the brand named Gap for the purpose of advertisement. She seems to maintain quality over quantity; she has only directed handful of movies but all of them have turned out to be excellent ones. Most of her movies are were nominated for different awards and were spoken high by the critics.

Sh not so active in the social network sites like instagram and twitter; it maybe because of her busy movie schedules.  



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