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Kathleen Marie Kelly, who is popularly known as Kate Kelly is an infamous feminist and a human right lawyer. She was born in the year 1980 in the month of October making her age 35 years at present. She also used to be the member of Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is popularly known as the woman who started the Ordain women movement. She actually commenced the movement in the year 2013. The major weapon she used as her aiding tool in her movement was a website which contained 19 profiles of individuals calling out for the ordination of women in the Church. According to the last update in the year 2015, her website contains over 500 profiles.

Adding more to her bio, she was born to Donna and Jim Kelly as the eldest among the four children in the family. They grew up together in the city of Hood River situated at Oregon. Her father used to be a bishop. Both of her parents used to work outside the home and as a child she actually wanted to become a judge. Her mother used to teach her that women should ordinate to the priesthood in the LDS Church and the encouragement from her family led her to become an intuitive feminist when she was at her young age.

She went to the Brigham Young University which used to be owned by LDS Church and she graduated with a bachelor of arts in political science in the year 2006. When she returned back after serving a mission in Barcelona, she became an active member of the Church. In the year 2006, she got married to Neil Ransom in the Salt Lake Temple. She completed her graduation from American University Washington College of Law. She started living in Virginia from 2011 till 2014. She along with her husband moved to Kenya in the year 2014 but as of present, she lives in Utah and she works for Planned Parenthood.

She started her activism as a young girl and at those times, she used to address uncharged issues which included organizing indoor soccer league for her community. In the year 2006, when she was a student at BYU, she organized a demonstration protesting the termination of BYUSA employee for having a disloyal letter published in Daily Universe. She along with other students silently protested the motion by covering their mouths with a duct tape symbolizing “Lack of freedom of Expression” and by carrying posters which featured slogans promoting free speech and academy liberty. Her ethnicity is white and she looks fairly tall.

She is an active social network user because she has over three thousand followers on her twitter account. She also uses Instagram to post her photos and videos. There is an author who goes by the same name as Kathleen who is an author and currently works at CNBC, which is a news channel. Active news about her movement seems to be active until the year 2015, no major news of her movement has been recorded by the media houses and the web in the year 2016 though she is actively involved in her work.

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