Joshua Clottey is known across the globe as a professional Ghanaian professional boxer and also an IBF welterweight champion. He was born in Accra but currently lives in the city of The Bronx, New York. His brothers also are veteran boxers Judas Clottey and Emmanuel Clottey. He is currently 38 years of age

He had a passion for football when he was a child which used to be the sport that his father played. He moved to United Kingdom and later to the United States of America.

He came in the light when he first won his first 20 fight which included 14 knockouts. His phenomenal performance set him up to fight Carlos Baldomir in defense of the title for the WBC international welterweight title. He was winning until the 10th round but was penalized with 2 points for head butt. After he got head clash again, he got disqualified.

He came back from the controversial losses after he won African Boxing Union welterweight title in his next fight. His career followed a 10 fight win streaks which got highlighted by his first wins on American soil and capture of minor titles. The streak kept on going. In the year 2006, 2nd December, he got chance to world title but he broke his hand in the fourth round of hi fight against WBO champion Antonio Margarito.

He game against Margarito has been in the controversy which followed a news report that MArgarito had hit the rivals with hand wraps illegally which was loaded with plaster. On 7th April 2007, he earned a unanimous decision over Diego Corrales where the final fight before Corrales was this very fight. In the year 2007, he positioned himself as the contender for another title shot with a win over prospect Shamone Alvarez. He beat Zab Judah in 2nd Auguat, 2008 for the IBF welterweight title.

He fought seven division world champion Manny Pacquiao on 2010, 13th March in the city of Arlington Texas as Dallas Cowboys Stadium which followed disagreement in the terms of a proposed boxing between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather which would have been held on in the same date in Nevada. He lost to Manny at the end and Manny threw about 1231 punches in a fight where 246 landed on Clottey. In 19th November, 2011, after some years away from the ring, he returned and defeated Calvin Green via TKO in the second round. After that he made it public that he would be retiring from boxing. Sometimes ago his opponent Caleno Alvarez could not make it to the schedureld fight due to an injury.

He has been able to balance the combination of size, speed, stamina,, power, endurance, and solid chin. He is also an accurate and efficient puncher with an awesome countering ability on him. His defensive skills and of a top level; he stands straight while he holds his arms and gloves high in front of his face to protect him which sometimes remind of Winky Wright’s defensive stance because more or less, the defense skills are the same. As a consequence of his defense strategy, and his power to absorb the punches, he has never lost a match via knock out. He seems to be active on his twitter; he seems to be updating his upcoming fights in his twitter account.



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