Joshua Burwell was an Indiana man who fell 60 feet to his death after he walked off a cliff in San Diego on the Christmas Day. Joshua was identified by his family members on the social media. He was at the age of 33 when he died and he was the native of Sheridan, Indiana. The witnesses stated that seeing someone distracted by electronic device and then he just fell over the edge.

He was not watching when he was walking. Infact, he was looking down at the device in his hands. He fell down at around 4:50 pm on the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard. The witnesses scrambled down the rocks trying to save Burwell after they hear him screaming “help, please God, save me”.

Bill Bender told to the NBC San Diego that, Burwell was pronounced dead at scene when the medics arrived. Bill praised the Good Samaritans who tried to help Joshua before the emergency responders got to the scene. The officials had said that Joshua was visiting San Diego and he was believed to have been there at the cliff for watching the sunset. It has been found that he was killed in a fall while taking the pictures from top of a cliff overlooking the ocean in the San Diego. According to the Fox 5 San Diego, Joshua was in a car with another person when he left to find the parking spot.

Burwell’s father Joey Burwell posted on his Facebook page by saying that Joshua will always be loved by his family and friends and he will forever hold a special place in his heart. He is now survived by his son named Brendon. Bender had said that the device which Burwell was using which may have been a phone or a camera was not found. Besides that, to know more details about his bio, it can be found in his Twitter and Instagram account. 


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