Josh Hamilton contract, twitter, wiki, wife

Josh Hamilton is a professional American Baseball outfielder for the team of Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim of the Major league Baseball, he was born in 1981 21st may and originally from Raleigh, North Carolina. Hamilton is currently 33 years old (age) and is greatly skilled player in the baseball game. Hamilton was also the first player whose overall pick in the 1999 MLB draft  the Tampa bay devils rays which is great for him. Hamilton also had a vehicle accident and was injured (injury) including his mother and father but recovered from it, during this time Hamilton started to spend his time around tattoo parlor and slowly led him to try alcohol and drugs.

Hamilton needed to recover from drugs and alcohol so he was forced by his family and team to stop it but during the time he usually use to get drunk. Hamilton neverthe less recovered from the use of drugs and finally got back to the track and started baseball with new contracts and went to achieve lots of achievement and trophy’s. Hamilton has lot’s of base ball fans in twitter and always supports his play no matter how sometime things dosen’t favours the player. Hamilton during his scholar ship in the college which was provided by baseball really helped him earn his rank in one of the best player and financially stong player with handsome salary.

Hamilton is outdoor person and a party man so he usually invites friends and have some drinks and go out with them, Hamilton is a cool man and a great player with great talent and skills. Hamilton and his wife were focused when there were remours of their unstable relationship between them but soon nothing happened and they are as happy as they were before which showed nothing is bad with Hamilton life and the way he is living his life with his wife.

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