Jose Salvador Alvarenge who is a Salvador man was found on the 30th January of the year 2014 who is aged 36 or 37 in Marshall Islands after having spent thirteen months adrift in fishing boat in Pacific Ocean. Jose survived on diet of the raw fish, small birds, turtles, sharks as well as rain water. He swam to the shore at Tile Island which is a small island that is the part of the Ebon Atoll on 30th January. The two locals from there named as Russell Laikedrik and Amy Libokmeto found him naked clutching a knife and shouting in the Spanish language. After that, he was treated in the hospital in Majuro on 3rd February before flying to his family home located in El Salvador on 10th February.

Talking about his bio, Jose is the native of Garita Palmera, Ahuachapan, El Salvador. He is the son of Jose Ricardo Orellana and wife Maria Julia Alvarenga. His father owns a flour mill and store in a town. Alvarenga is a married man and he also has a daughter with his wife who was grown up in Garita Palmera. He also has several brothers who reside in United States. Jose left the El Salvador in late 1990 for Mexico where he used to work as a fisherman for 15 years. He was also employed by Villermino Rodriguez for a time. At the time when he was rescued, he had not been in touch with his family for 8 years.

Jose had said that he set out from fishing village of the Costa Azul off the coast Chiapas, Mexico on 21st December of 2012 in 23 or 24 foot fiberglass boar for a fishing days. But then, he was blown off course by the storm.sOn first day of their voyage, the motor died. Jose was also accompanied by 15 years old boy whom he knew only as Ezequiel. According to him, Ezequiel lost all the hope around four months into voyage and he eventually died by refusing to eat. He also said that he contemplated suicide for the four days after the death of Ezequiel. But because of his strong religious faith, he was prevented from the death.

Marshall Islands Castaway Jose also stated that while he was at the sea, he frequently dreamed about his favorite dish as well as his parents. His parents, who has not been in the contact with him for several years had feared that he was dead long before he went missing and they were overjoyed to discover he was still alive. Jose’s father said that he had prayed for him when he was missing. While his mother told that she used to dream about Jose during that time. 


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